Wooden Acoustic Panels

Are you looking for high-quality acoustics and design solutions? Wooden acoustic panels not only improve poor acoustics — they also look beautiful. Most acoustic elements don’t work as a single surface entity. Their effectiveness really depends on a volume of airspace behind the panels. Wave acoustic panels act as both sound absorbers and sound diffusers to improve unwanted sound reflections. With Wave panels from WavyDesign, you can improve low-frequency sound absorption. Long wavelengths are trapped in airspace, bent and folded so their sound energy is reduced.

Sound Absorbers and Sound Diffusers

How can you improve poor acoustics in your room? Acoustical problems are curable with acoustic elements through proper surface shaping and positioning, and by adding sound absorbers and sound diffusers to a surface. But it’s hard to design high-quality acoustics for small rooms, because the acoustics depend on the size of the room and its reflective wall/ceiling surfaces. With the right combination of a sound absorber and sound diffuser, you can transform any room into having high-quality acoustics.

Acoustical Panels for Lower Frequency

Acoustical panels are great at absorbing midrange and high frequencies but aren’t very good at handling lower frequencies. How can you make the acoustical panels work satisfactorily at low frequencies and handle long-wavelength sounds in small rooms? This is where the airspace behind the panels comes in. Long wavelengths are trapped in the airspace, bent and folded so their sound energy reduced. This air gap increases sound absorption and also extends absorption to lower frequencies.

Broadband Absorber from WavyDesign

How can you deal with a large volume of airspace behind the acoustical panels? The larger the air space behind the panels, the better low-frequency sound absorption you have. But how can you optimize the design of your room’s acoustics without losing a lot of air space for the panels? What if you had Wave wall panels with customizable curves, acting as broadband absorbers to trap bass frequencies? With Wave, you can precisely balance a room’s physical space and the air spacing for the panels.