Wooden Partition Wall

Are you frustrated when working in your workspace? Is your clunky wooden partition wall or permanent divider wall really helping with acoustics or appearance? Do you wish you could have a folding and modern room divider to create a quiet personal workspace? A lack of acoustical privacy is a major source of stress and irritation in the workplace, and divider walls made of fabric or plastic are unattractive and ineffective. Natural wood in warm colors helps you concentrate while connecting you to nature. Surrounded by acoustically optimized natural wood, your stress levels and maybe even your blood pressure will improve. In short, acoustical wooden partitions make your office life healthier.

Folding and Modern Room Divider

Folding and modern room dividers that roll and unroll create a sense of personal space and privacy in the workplace. Flexible wood panels with a fabric-like structure boost psychological well-being and work productivity while looking stylish and contemporary. The flexible divider walls act as adaptable wall partitions to create new possibilities for your interior design. With a folding and modern room divider, you can easily connect individual panels to adjust and expand privacy in your workplace.

Open-Plan Office and Room Acoustics

Acoustic research has resulted in two important findings for open-plan office spaces. First, office workers surrounding with high divider walls were not more satisfied acoustically than those with the low divider walls. Second, workers without wall partitions expressed less dissatisfaction than workers with wall partitions. Eyes are more exacting witnesses than ears. Open-plan offices have to balance the movement of people (psychology) and the movement of sound energy (physics).

Partition Walls in Contemporary Offices

Modern technologies are making our office spaces less formal and static. Rather than having rooms separated by a full-height wall partition, open-plan offices offer seamless transitions between spaces, so spatial design can become much more fluid and dynamic. Contemporary office and partition walls have to be flexible and adaptive to meet these new working conditions.